I think I'm starting to love cooking!! Yay!!! :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Cheggy Bread!! :)

So I went to the supermarket to buy more baking material, and I bought a loaf of bread, cheese and eggs too. I once saw in a blog (I forgot which blog already) a recipethat use three of the ingredients above. The picture of that food was so clear on my mind so just now I tried it and had it for dinner! :) It's quite yummy but it would be better if I took it formy breakfast, not dinner! Lol!

Take a knife and draw a square in the middle of the bread.
Then, take a spoon and press it in the middle of the bread.

Put a cheese in the middle of the bread.

Break an egg and put it in on the cheese.

Put the bread into the microwave for 4 minutes et voilà!! Cheggy Bread!!

Cheggy Bread can be eaten during breakfast, you can even put a piece of ham on the egg and cover it with another layer of bread! It's gonna be so yummy!! :)

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