I think I'm starting to love cooking!! Yay!!! :)

About Me!!

I am a student, currently pursuing my studies in Besançon, France. Being the only chinese in this sponsored degree, I seldom get the chance to have a nice chinese meal with friends, as they don't really like chinese cuisine. But me, I really love chinese food, as much as I love myself! I am a gourmand, especially when it comes to Malaysian Chinese/Nyonya cuisine. Since I am now so far from my beloved home, I miss home food so much. Mom's homemade soup and other fantastic dishes, Nyonya kuih, laksa, curry mee and ooh so much other! I really love to eat!!

What makes me start a food blog?
I am currently renting an apartment alone in the heart of Besançon town, so I usually spend by mealtime alone. Especially when it comes to rainy week-ends, I have to stay at home and eat alone by myself! Mom has been sending parcels of foods like Maggi Mee, Bee Kopi and stuffs like that, but I figured out that sending food to France is really expensive! So I decided that maybe instead of having instant food, I can start cooking some on my own! But the problem is I'm living alone, and if I cook, it needs effort and time and motivation, because normally if a person is staying by herself, she will just get a sandwich for lunch and be done with it.

But then, a few weeks ago, I started to go blog walking on some food blogs and I find them really interesting as they post up recipes and photos of their cooking. So I thought, I too can create a blog as a motivation for me to cook for myself and for others too!!

Where do I get all the recipes from?
Some of them are from my mom and my sister, and some of them are from other blogs I read!