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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Late Chinese New Year Cookies!

Hellllllloooooooo fellow readers! Haha! It has been so long since I've last posted something here. Well, you've guessed it, assignments, workloads, travellings, plain tiredness et cetera forced me to négligent this cute little cooking blog. And also I've mentioned earlier in my personal blog that it will be difficult for me to update this cuisine journal as I now own a very small working space so cooking is hard for me. :| Nevertheless, I've been trying new stuffs as well every now and then, and everytime I cook/bake I will photo them up, so whatever it is, I will still post up stuffs in here!

We celebrated CNY last month and I felt like it has been half year already!! Everyone at home had a real blast gambling and collecting red packets, oh I know that and I envy! But I had fun as well!! Celebrated CNY with the Malaysian embassy in Paris and oh boy, they do serve cheap food there! Well I said cheap, but not good! Hehe. But seriously, I am always disgusted by how the chinese restaurants here are usually patroned by vietnamese. For goodness' sake, chinese food and vietnamese aren't the same. And nems are not chinese!!!

Talking about nems, I made those little popia (mini prawn roll crackers) for CNY, and attention, these are non halals! :P I couldn't find the recipe to make those prawn fillings, so instead of prawn, I used pork floss!! Well we can definitely make the halal version by of course using chicken floss!

So what you gonna need is some spring rolls sheet, pork floss, egg white and a board. And you don't even need instructions, just look at these photos and you will know how to do!!

Fry the in a wok of oil, and when they turn golden or brownish, you'll know they're cook! Don't be hard on the fire, medium is already good enough!!!

And voilà!! The most classic bottle for the mini prawn rolls! I know this is hell late, but what the heck!! Happpy chinese new year, I wish everybody had a blast partying gambling and whatsoever!!


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